Tibet - Nepal Cycling Expedition

23 days - Departing Kathmandu
Tibet - Nepal Cycling Expedition


23 days - Departing Kathmandu
Level of Difficulty Demanding
  • Day 1:
    Arrive Kathmandu
  • Day 2:
    In Kathmandu (Tibet visa processing day)
  • Day 3:
    In Kathmandu - bike riding and rest day
  • Day 4:
    Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa
  • Day 5, 6:
    In and around Lhasa
  • Day 7:
    In and around Lhasa (test ride)
  • Day 8:
    Cycle Lhasa to Khamba La 85kms
  • Day 9:
    Cycle to Nagartze 56kms
  • Day 10:
    Cycle to Ralung Gompa 62kms
  • Day 11:
    Cycle to Gyantse 60kms
  • Day 12:
    Cycle Gyantse to Shigatze 95kms
  • Day 13:
    Cycle to Tso La 98kms
  • Day 14:
    Cycle to Lhatse 63kms
  • Day 15:
    Cycle to Pelbar (New Tingri) 59kms
  • Day 16:
    Cycle to Tashi Dzong 78kms
  • Day 17:
    Cycle to Rombuk 45kms
  • Day 18:
    Cycle to Everest Base Camp and down to Nam La 37kms
  • Day 19:
    Cycle to Tigri or Hot Springs Resort 55-68kms
  • Day 20:
    Cycle to Thang La 57kms
  • Day 21:
    Cycle to Nylam 80kms
  • Day 22:
    Cycle to The Last Resort Nepal Border 55kms
  • Day 23:
    Depart Kathmandu

About This Tour

The Tibetan Plateau is a land of unparalleled superlatives: it is the largest and highest plateau on our planet, averaging 15,000 feet (4500m) in altitude. It is buttressed along its southern flank by the world's greatest mountain range, the Himalayas. Only a few brave cyclists have dared to ride along its inhospitable plateau and forge a passage through these mystic lands into Kathmandu via Everest Base camp. The reward being the longest downhill in the world as you enter into Nepal, dropping an unimaginable 4500-m over 156kms. At a breathless average altitude of around 4450-m this expedition is not for the faint of heart but made for the pioneer in spirit that is fit and feels at home on a bike. With 15 days of biking over 1104kms you'd want to be!

Our group will meet in Kathmandu, Nepal, and then take the short flight to Lhasa, Tibet. Four nights will be spent in Lhasa, acclimatizing to the 3,500m of altitude, getting us ready for the higher altitudes to come. There is much to see on foot and by bike in and around Lhasa. Since this is the capital of Tibet, many of the most important monasteries are here, including the Potala Palace, which was home to all 13 of the Dalai Lamas until the Chinese invasion.

Once we leave Lhasa, the REAL adventure begins. There are six major passes to be negotiated on the main Lhasa to Kathmandu route as it runs westward (parallel to the impressive Himalayan chain which forms the border with Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal to the south). Throughout our adventure, the road traverses a high and dry plateau dotted by the unforgettable monastery towns of Gyantse, Xigatse, Xegar and many others. Life hasn't changed here for hundreds of years: nomadic yak herders can still be seen moving their yaks to and from summer pastures.

Since one of our objectives is to visit the Tibetan side of Everest Base Camp, our group will leave the main route behind and use the dirt jeep tracked road leading to the Rongbuk Monastery. Mallory and Irvine visited this same monastery on their way to challenge Everest, possibly given blessings and prayers by a Lama living in the monastery at that time. We will spend a couple of days exploring the base camp, before retracing our steps back to the main route to Kathmandu.

Back on the main Kathmandu route, we'll reach the edge of the Tibetan Plateau as we cross Shung La at 5400m, and begin a freewheeling scenic descent of four thousand metres, entering Nepal via the border town of Zhangmu. Our final day of cycling plus a bus ride will bring us back to the culinary treats and relative comforts of civilization in Kathmandu.

For a good view of what it's like to ride in Tibet please follow this link to a You Tube video posted by an independent traveller:


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Barry Nowne - NSW
a trip with a great amount of different experience, people, scenery, whether, the rating was right, hard to very hard but not a reason not to do it ,life is a gift and worth taking all the challenges
Victor Lim
"A trip of a lifetime. It will be difficult for me to find another holiday that would come close to this"
Damien Ford
"This was a really tough challenge. I will look back on it with very fond memories. the landscape and culture was mind-blowing, and the trip was extremely well organised and supported".
Robyn Fried
"The Lhasa -Kathmandu bike trip will be one of the highlights of my life. There were so many outstanding components - Tibet, the people, the riding, my fellow riders, our support crew, the huge challenge involved. I hope the memories are firmly engraved within me forever!"
Sally Ann Hunting
"This was a trip of a lifetime - it's hard to know how to beat it in terms of the physical and emotional challenge, the amazing cultural experience and the mountain views. Being able to say you've cycled to Everest Base Camp is a great conversation starter"
Ross Trevena
"The trip was stupendous, A brilliant mix of physical challenge and adrenalin, scenery and culture.The place is raw and mystical - no wonder there are so many monks and meditation was invented here!"
Iain Fraser - Sale, Victoria
"Riding through the Tibetan countryside, observing aspects of village life, culminating in a view of the ice-capped Mount Everest, was an experience of a life-time. I can thoroughly recommend this tour for anybody who likes a challenge".


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Whats Included?

  • Flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu
  • 4 nights Kathmandu on B & B
  • 3 nights Lhasa on B & B
  • Support vehicle for cycling
  • 12 nights camping on full board basis
  • Camping equipment and crews
  • Experienced cycling guides
  • Tibet Visa & Permits
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu & Lhasa
  • Farewell dinner at the Last Resort
  • Most meals (see itinerary for details)

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